Mandarine, Blood Oranges, and Lemon caramelised marmalade

Mandarine, Blood Oranges, and Lemon caramelised marmalade

So this didn’t start as a “caramelised” type marmalade. But that’s how it ended 🙂

bowl of blood oranges, mandarines, and lemons

Mandarine, Blood Orange, Lemon marmalade

Servings 4 jars


  • Heavy base pot
  • 2 bowls
  • a piece of muslin


  • 1.2 kg Mandarine ( many mandarines…)
  • 230 g Blood Orange ( 4 medium size oranges )
  • 444 g Lemon ( 2 large lemons )
  • 200 ml water


Preparation. Knife Skillz test…

  • Slice a mandarine in half, then slice in half again.
  • Slice each quarter in approximately 5mm slices.
  • Move each pip to one bowl, and the fruit to the other one.
  • Repeat with all the fruits.

Isolating the seeds to harness the pectin

  • put all your seeds in your muslin. Tie in a small bag. I tie mine in a way that leaves a long end, which I can then block between the pot and the lid, so I dont have to fish for it later.

Cooking phase one. The fruit.

  • In the large pot, add all the fruit.
  • Add some water.

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